About Tell Them I’m Gone

At Tell Them I’m Gone, you can rest assure that anything your family & friends need to know upon your passing will either be digitally or mailed to the person you request as if you told them yourself. Your personal letters, short messages, passwords, company information, or maybe even secrets. Anything you can imagine can be passed on to whomever you choose. This gives you a simple peace of mind when your day approaches and you no longer have the ability to tell them yourself. This is not a will or a legal website rather a place to say what’s on your mind. We leave the Wills and Legal stuff to the experts!

We Are Here For You!

How did this concept come about?

Sitting at an airport in New York one cold snowy afternoon waiting for my flight to take off, I thought to myself “what if something happen to me on this flight home?”.  I’m divorced, my daughter and her family live 7 hours away, what would my daughter do, how would she know that I had life insurance policies, how would she know who to call, what friends in my life were special to me?

Our daily phone conversations always consisted of “What city and state are you in today Mom?”  “What car did you drive to the airport?”  “Where did you park in case something happens?”  We never had a sit down conversation about those things that I now look at that are so important.

Whether I am at a fancy event or riding my motorcycle, I know that anything can happen! I created this website with my family and friends in mind. I want it to be a comfortable place for you to gather your thoughts, cover all the things you want to say with the peace of mind that you can go back into your account and change anything at any time. And know that I, along with my staff will make sure that your messages are delivered to your loved ones when the time comes to tell them you’re gone.

“Every entry is confidential.  You never have to worry that anyone will ever see what you wrote to anyone else.  Each recipient will be handled as though it was the only one you wrote.” 

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