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Tell Them I’m Gone staff have spent many days and nights talking to First Responders and Military Personal, Active and Retired.  The one thing we have learned is that they all have the same thing in common.  They all have someone that they want to say something to.  Some more than others but always at least one person.

When the brave men and women of this Country sign up to either be a First Responder or join one of the branches of the Military, they know they are putting their life on the line to defend.  As a good friend said to me “I’ve left a letter on my bunk before a mission or two”.  Wouldn’t it be easier to leave your thoughts in a place other than a combat zone?  Could you trust that note will get to your loved one?

A simple peace of mind that your thoughts, love letters, messages, photos or even secrets will be delivered just as if you wrote them to your loved ones after you pass away.

Mark Fowler

Mark Fowler

31 Year Retired Master Trooper

Virginia State Police

“As a First Responder I have met lots of friends and associates.  Tell Them I’m Gone would be the perfect way to reach out and let them know how much there friendships meant to me!”

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